Our Goal


To provide all levels of homecare service in collaboration with physicians, thus allowing clients to remain in their

own homes.

To provide a broad base of services with client demand governing the scope, allowing clients to be involved and establishing, implementing, and evaluating services.

To maintain clients in their homes as long as possible and provide services in the least restrictive setting.

To assist clients in using and all restorative methods, tools, and procedures to return clients to their optimal level
of function.

To provide costs competitive, Quality services.

To develop a relationship with referrals sources to effectively meet our clients homecare needs.

To function as a liaison between our clients available community resources an assist our clients in coping with their needs And problems.

Patient’s Rights

  • Treated with courtesy, consideration and respect and is assured the right of privacy: 
  • Assured confidential treatment of his/her medical and financial records as provided by law;
  • Free from mental and physical abuse, neglect, and property exploitation;  
  • Assured the right to participate in the planning of the client’s home care, including the right to refuse services;
  •  Served by individuals who are properly trained and competent to perform their duties; 
  • Assured the right to voice grievances and complaints related to organizational services without fear of reprisal; 
  • Advised, before care is initiated, of the extent to which payment for the home care organization services may be expected from federal or state program, and the extent to which payment may be required from the client; 
  • Advised orally and in writing of any changes in fees for services that are the client’s responsibility. The home care organization shall advise the client of these changes as soon as possible, but no later than 30 calendar days from the date the home care organization became aware of the changes;
  • Provided with advance directive information prior to start of services; and 
  • Given at least 5 days written notice when the organization determines to terminate services.